Frame it!

Order a framed print of your custom illustration from Chicks n Hens. 

Framed prints make amazing keepsakes and are great gifts!

Rates include

frame, print, AND

 mat (if applicable)!

The Goldfinch is a modern take on a traditional gold frame. The dusty gold finish and modern dimensions really set this frame apart. It's 10x16 with a double mat to fit a 5x7 print, or the mat can be removed allowing for a large print for an additional $20.

$105 for double matted 5x7 print 

$125 for no mat full size print


The Martin is the  largest of all the frame options, with space for an 11x14 enlarged print. The double thick white frame acts as a visual mat.

The Flicker is a beautiful, bright, mirrored frame.

This frame is 11x14 double matted to fit an 8x10 enlarged print.


The Wren is truly unique- each frame has a slightly different woodgrain. It's 8x10 matted to fit a 5x7 print. 


Purchase your framed print here.

Rates include print, frame, and mat (if applicable). Shipping rates not included.

All frames include glass front and hangers on back.

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