Saving Elephants + Forests!

Eco-Friendly invitations from Chicks n Hens help save endangered elephants, while simultaneously minimizing the impact invitations make on forests. If you care about the Earth, animal welfare, and forest conservation, this package is FOR YOU!

How can your love save an elephant?

1.  I am teaming up with a company in Sri Lanka on a mission to save elephants. They create HANDMADE, beautifully textured 100% recycled card stock. The quality of this paper is unlike any other paper I have worked with, it feels almost like fabric! The paper yields rough cuts around the edges, creating a really soft handmade feel. I love this paper! 
2. I am donating a portion of every “Eco-Friendly” wedding invitation order to The International Elephant Foundation. Specifically, I am donating towards sponsoring an African Elephant named “Kanderi”.
3. The envelopes included in this package are 30% post-consumer recycled from an American paper company. (Yay, trees!)

back of handmade paper


The Eco-Friendly invitation illustrations are still custom drawn. The only difference is your invitations will be printed on Eco-Friendly paper, your envelopes will be recycled kraft envelopes, and a portion of your entire purchase, design fee included will be donated to elephant conservation.


Do my wedding invitations have to have an elephant on them?


Will I like the handmade / textured / fabric feel of this paper?

You can order a sample in the mail to feel the paper prior to purchasing (and I highly recommend this!).  Each piece of this handmade paper is slightly unique in texture and thickness, which adds to the character and charm.  The edges of the paper have a torn look in some areas, which also adds to the "aged" handmade look. If the handmade look isn't necessarily your vibe, I recommend purchasing a normal invitation design fee and choosing one of my standard card stock options for your prints.

Meet Kanderi!

Kanderi is an endangered African Elephant

who will receive donations for sponsorship

via the International Elephant Foundation

website. Sponsorship helps with research,

surveillance, and protection.

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