*To book your project on my calendar for 2020:

    1.) Review the available dates on the schedule on this page.

    2.) Add the desired custom items to your cart.

    3.) On the cart page CLICK "ADD A NOTE" and enter the available start date you would like to reserve for your project.

    4.) A questionnaire, wedding catalog, and etiquette guide will be emailed to the email address associated with your order within 24 hours M-Thur., and on Monday if purchased F-Sun.

    5.) You MUST return your completed questionnaire by the selected start date to avoid your project being bumped or possibly cancelled (without refund).



    Having a destination wedding? This package is for you!



    Your guests are going on a trip to celebrate you and your soon-to-be spouse! Don’t let your guests miss the boat (literally) when they finally get to your big day location. Provide clear information in regards to your wedding location(s), recommended lodging in several price points, navigation advice, and more with this package specifically created for destination weddings.


    This is a design fee for a custom wedding designs created just for you and your big day. Images shown throughout my site are examples of designs created for previous clients, and are not for sale. Your designs will be new, custom designs!


    Prints or digital files are a separate charge, which will be paid for after you approve your designs. 





    (1) 5x7 Save the Date Card (Profiles) / Normally $180, Bundle Rate= $140
    - a custom illustration of the happy couple (profiles only, as shown, showed from the shoulders up), your choice of hairstyle, clothing, etc.
    - additional pets and children are $20, and can be added to your cart here
    - solid color or white for the background
    - your choice of font
    - custom flowers to match your wedding flowers


    (1) 5x7 Accommodations Card / Normally $100, Bundle Rate= $75

    ^Your choice to send WITH the save the date or with the invitations!

    - an illustration of the exterior of one of the accommodation recommendations (can be your wedding venue if lodging is accepted)

    - custom text and font of your choice

    - $ or star ratings for each location (if you so choose)

    - small simple illustration for each recommendation on list (up to 5) of your choice, such as a star fish, flower, mixed drink, etc.


    (1) 5x7 Invitation Card / Normally $200, Bundle Rate= $160
    - a custom illustration of the happy couple, your choice of hairstyle, clothing, etc.
    - a custom illustration of a pet or child (if you so choose)
    - additional pets and children are $20 and can be added here
    - custom flowers to match your wedding flowers
    - a custom background, including a custom illustration of the exterior of your ceremony or reception site (if you so choose) or a landscape

    (1) 3.5x5 RSVP Card / Normally $50, Bundle Rate= $30
    - in a design coordinating with your custom illustrated wedding invitations such as profiles of the happy couple, your pet with a call-out bubble, your wedding flowers, etc.
    - can include meal choices with small illustration for meals options

    (1) 5x7 *Detailed* Map Card / Normally $250, Bundle Rate= $190
    - a custom illustrated map of your wedding location 
    - designed to show the general area including the land, water, streets, and railroads (if applicable) AND small additional details which can include specific buildings, landmarks, bridges, special places, tourist locations, great restaurants, the hotel, parks, etc.
    - small location specific illustrations will be created in similar detail to those shown in images
    - this design fee includes 6 small specific location illustrations, additional illustrations will be an additional design fee (contact me for a quote or we can discuss further after purchase)


    (1) 3.5x5 OR 5x7 Extra Event Info. Card / Normally $40, Bundle Rate= $25

    *No print order minimum for this card.
    - This card is perfect for rehearsal dinners, welcome dinners, brunches, a special excursion, party, or any additional activity for your big day

    - any 1 animal of your choice (nautical animals or fish for beach weddings, tropical birds, etc.!)

    - a coordinating flower border or flowers in the corners of your card
    - a solid color background or white
    - your choice of text, font, and colors

    *Only the items listed above are included in this design fee price.




    (The discounted bundle rate has been applied to this listing, and cannot be combined with any other discounts, coupons, or sales. Please do not apply a coupon code if this listing is in your cart or your order will be subject to cancellation. Thank you!)





    You will select your preferred start date from the available dates on the schedule posted here.

    - You must return your completed questionnaire BY the selected start date.

    - If you fail to return the questionnaire by the deadline, your project is subject to be bumped to the next available date, and in some cases is subject to cancellation without refund.

    - Please be prompt with returning additional forms and emails to ensure your project timeline remains conducive to your preferred mail-out date.

    - Design samples will be delivered via email by the week following your start date by Monday at midnight.

    - Please keep in mind every project is custom, and while I try to provide solid timing quotes, all timing quotes are subject to variation.


    Wedding invitation sets and save the dates are professionally printed on 110 lb white matte card stock.
    Upgraded card stock is available for a small fee. 

    (1) Printed Card (3.5x5 or 5x7, one-sided on 110 lb matte card stock) = $2

    *Includes fitted white envelopes free.
    *There is a print order minimum of 50 prints for all cards, except the additional event invite /info. card.
    For smaller events I can waive the print order minimum for a fee of $50.

    FREE WHITE ENVELOPES ARE INCLUDED WITH PRINT ORDERS- all print orders- you will receive a free white main save the date envelope, main invitation envelope, RSVP envelope, and thank you note envelope unless you upgrade. Upgraded envelope options are available for a fee. A list of upgrade options will be emailed to you upon purchase.

    Would you like to print on your own or locally? High resolution digital files are available for a fee, which is quoted in the wedding catalog.

    + Unlimited wording revisions
    + Limited design revisions (more details on revisions provided upon purchase


      + NO REFUNDS
      + Design fees are non-refundable even if you decide not to proceed with the design process for ANY reason. (Think of the design fee as a payment for the time it takes to create your custom illustration, AND ALSO a placeholder for your project on my schedule.) 



      This listing is for a design fee for your custom illustration, which will be delivered via email after created. Prints or the high resolution digital files will be available for purchase after you approve your design sample(s).


      Start Dates

      + Start dates are first come first serve.

      + Depending on my workload, I typically only accept one wedding project per start date.

      + Please be sure you have looked at the available dates at the time of purchase, as the calendar is constantly updated based on bookings.

      + You must choose a start date at check-out by leaving a note, or emailing your selected available start date selection to orders@chicksnhens.comd

      + If you do not select a start date at check-out, it is possible that additional bookings will take place after your order, and you will not receive a refund due to losing your preferred start date. (I recommend selecting your date ASAP!)

      + If you find your selected start date will no longer work for your project after purchase, another available start date can be selected. In the event that there aren't start dates available that work for your project after purchase, refunds and cancellations will not be provided.

      + In the event that two clients would like to book the same start date, the first client to purchase a design fee and select the date (via a note or email) will receive the preferred start date.

      + Cancellations are only accepted in the event that 2 clients book the same date within 24 hours, and the second client finds there are no other available start dates that work for their project.

      +In the event that you do not select a start date and all available start dates book, a refund will not be provided. Cancelations are not accepted.

      + You must return your completed questionnaire by the available start date you select for your project.

      + If the client fails to return their completed questionnaire by their selected start date, their project will be bumped to the next available start date (if there are any) or cancelled without refund.

      + If custom save the dates and custom invitations are purchased 2 different start dates must be booked (one for each).

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