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Wren Birdhouse
  • Wren Birdhouse

    Draw adorable tiny wrens to your yard with this magical, whimsical wren house!

    (1) Cedar Wren Birdhouse
    - hand painted
    - illustrations include 7 bluebirds (2 adults, 5 young)
    - glitter applied to areas
    - double sealed with a outdoor polyurethane to hold up in the elements
    - cedar is insect resistant
    - proper venting
    - easy clean-out with an opening side
    - design will remain the same design + colors, but very slight variations an occur since these are handmade

    Fun Facts

    - Wrens symbolize determination, enthusiasm, change, and happiness.
    - You can hang this house on a hook or in a tree. Wrens are one of the only birds who tolerate a nest box swaying in the breeze.

    - Wrens like some cover- under a shrub, tree branch, etc. 

    - Wrens like to live near humans.
    - Wrens are native to the U.S.
    - Wrens sing the sweetest songs.

    - You're helping native birds in the U.S. thrive by providing safe nesting boxes.

    Back of birdhouse is plain pink with some florals. 

    All sales are final.

      Expected to ship June 14
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