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Vintage Stamps +

Vintage stamps are super popular in the wedding invitation world! Vintage stamps add character and charm, are usable, historical, and beautiful! I have partnered up with a fellow small business owner to curate vintage stamp sets to coordinate with my print client's custom designs at request (at supplier cost, no fees from me). Chicks n Hens print clients please note your interest in vintage stamps on your questionnaire or email me

Scroll for some tips on how to use and save money on vintage postage AND how to calculate the postage required for your invitation prints.


Tip #1
Obtain an
Accurate Weight

Calculate the postage you need.
USPS requires $0.63 for a standard 5x7 envelope weighing 1 oz or less.

Whether you go with vintage or current postage you need to make sure you have the correct postage on each envelope. Your best bet is to obtain an exact weight from your local Post Office, however if you are a print client I am happy to provide an exact weight once your set is printed and put together- just ask!


Tip #2
Select Your Postage Based on Weight + Design

You can utilize unused vintage postage as current postage for mailing your invitations. Vintage stamps hold the value printed on the stamp forever. If we are working together on printed invitations I can provide a custom curated vintage stamp set for your exact designs along with a quote on vintage stamps. My supplier can provide vintage stamps in large quantities so all of your envelope sets look the same. You can also shop current postage by going into your local Post Office, or shop the USPS website.


Tip #3
mix current postage
with vintage postage

A great way to save money is by using a current stamps, and then adding vintage stamps in. There are some beautiful current stamps. You can shop the USPS website for current stamps. See the image above? On these envelopes, I used a current forever stamp and 2 vintage stamps (the chipmunk and dahlia), which allowed me to add a wax seal stamp on each envelope and request hand cancelling (avoiding the sorting machine). 


Tip #4 Utilize the Special "Hand Cancelled" Purple Butterfly Stamp
Think of this little stamp as pure magic- worth $0.88 in postage per stamp, and this purple butterfly tells the Post Office NOT to run your envelope through the sorting machine. (Although, I recommend you drop them off in person and make sure you tell the clerk hand cancelling only!) You need this if you are using a wax seal on your outer envelopes. You should also consider hand cancelling for envelopes with  vintage stamps (so they aren't
damaged in the sorting machine).


Tip #5
Vintage Postage

Use paste to apply your vintage stamps. I like the purple kind, it's easy to see where you apply and it dries clear. This can be time consuming, and a little tedious making sure everything lines up nicely. I am happy to do this for you if you are a print order client for an assembly fee- just ask! Also, check out my new Instagram for upcoming video reels on how to apply vintage stamp.



*I do NOT sell vintage stamps. Curated sets are offered to my print clients only.

I'm so happy if you were able to gain some knowledge from this page regarding vintage stamps, whether you are a client or not!

Please know I offer curated vintage stamp sets to my clients only through a supplier I have a working relationship with as a stationer. My stamp supplier works directly with stationers only, not individuals looking for curated vintage stamp sets, so I am unable to provide a referral if you are looking for vintage stamps. If you plan to DIY I recommend Etsy searches for stamps, often you can find them in bulk quantities on Etsy. Thank you for understanding!

Clients of Chicks n Hens:

Please note, Chicks n Hens is not responsible for any issues with weight (the best method is to check with your local post office with their scale). Chicks n Hens is also not responsible for any damage or issues with mailing your invitations based on weight, postage, sorting machines, handling by the Post Office, delays, etc.

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