Frequently Asked Questions


How are custom illustrations created?

Custom illustrations from Chicks n Hens are created starting from a sketch, to an intial illustration sample you get to revise, to a final illustration ready for printing. I work from photographs and descriptions of people, pets, and places provided by you, the client.  I do not use templates, and each illustration is one-of a kind! After a design fee is purchased, I will email you a questionnaire to fill out regarding your custom illustration and at that time you can attach photographs of the people / pets / places you would like illustrated.


How are custom illustration priced? 

Initially, a design fee is purchased for your custom illustration. After you approve your design sample(s) you have the opportunity to purchase either prints OR the high resolution digital files to print on your own or locally. (You do not have to purchase both prints and the digital files. If you would like both prints and the files, there is a discount for the digital file fee.) 

Are you available to work on my order right now?


Do you accept international orders outside of the U.S.?

Absolutely! Recently, Etsy has added a "customs fee" of $15 for most international orders. (This fee is not given to the Etsy seller, and does not go towards your shipping costs.) However, you can avoid the customs fee by purchasing through this site. 

How do I make a purchase?

I am currently accepting orders through on this site, here. I am also accepting orders on Etsy at: www.chicksnhens.etsy.com. I pay a commission on Etsy sales, so I usually offer a discount for ordering through this site. 

I have an illustration in mind for my project which you aren't currently offering (such as a Halloween card, baby shower card, etc.). Do you take on completely custom projects?

Yes! Depending on my schedule, I sometimes take on completely custom projects. Please contact me with a description of what you have in mind for the illustrations on your project, as well as how many prints you will need. I will get back to you with a custom quote if my schedule allows.

Are there shop hours? 

I generally don't check email or Etsy conversations on the weekend or on holidays. If you send a message or email over the weekend I will do my best to get back to you on Monday.

Does the Chicks n Hens shop ever close?

Currently, there aren't any scheduled closures. However, please keep in mind I generally only answer emails and messages during the work week (M-F).

What kind of paper is available for prints?

All Chicks n Hens paper is supplied from an AMERICAN paper company. I offer prints on 65 lb matte card stock (envelope liners), 90 lb matte 100% recycled card stock (thank you notes), 100 lb matte card stock (folded invitations format 1), 85 lb matte card stock (folded invitations format 2), 110 lb matte card stock (all standard invitations), 65 lb luster (semi gloss) card stock as well as matte (enlarged prints), 120 lb matte (upgraded card stock), 160 lb matte card stock (postcards and upgraded card stock), and 200 lb SUPER thick (upgraded card stock). 

Do you offer digital files (also known as printable files) so I can print on my own?

Yes, I offer high resolution digital files for a fee if you would like to print on your on your own or locally. (Pre-made designs, folded invitations, and envelope liners are excluded.)


I would like to get a price quote for my project now, but start the design process at a later date. What do I need to do to ensure you can work with me on my project at the current rates?

Purchasing a design fee is the only way to lock in the current rates. I do ask that you return your questionnaire within 60 days of purchase. Contact me to reserve your spot on my limited calendar for the 2019 wedding season. (The 60 day deadline will not apply to these orders.) 

Do I need to provide a photo of the people I would like illustrated in the exact outfits I would like in the illustration?

Photos of the outfits are helpful, but aren't required. You can provide a typed description of what you would like for them to wear in the illustrations.

What if I don't like my initial design sample?

I hope this never happens! It is my goal that everyone loves their illustration from Chicks n Hens! You will have the opportunity to make revisions to your design. Typically revisions to the wording are unlimited (and free!). A limited number of free design revisions are included in the design fee. You can request additional design revisions for a fee. In the event that you still don't love the illustration, you are under no obligation to purchase prints or the digital files. However, the design fee is always non-refundable.

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