**Before placing an order, please familiarize yourself with Chicks n Hens policies, and contact me with any questions.

How are custom illustrations created?

All of my illustrations begin as a sketch in my notebook. I work from photographs and descriptions of people, pets, and places. I do not use templates, and each illustration is one of a kind!

How are custom illustration priced? 

Initially, a design fee is purchased for your custom illustration. After you approve your design sample(s) you have the opportunity to purchase either prints OR the high resolution digital files to print on your own or locally. (You do not have to purchase both prints and the digital files. If you would like both prints and the files, there is a discount for the digital file fee.) 

Are you available to work on my order right now?

I am focusing my attention on wedding orders currently. Non-custom items are always available (decals, SVG files, animal prints, etc.) Family, home, and pet portraits are available as pre-orders to begin in July.

Do you accept international orders outside of the U.S.?


I have an illustration in mind for my project which you aren't currently offering (such as a Halloween card, baby shower card, etc.). Do you take on completely custom projects?

I sometimes take on completely custom projects. Please contact me with a description of what you have in mind, and I will get back to you with a custom quote if my schedule allows.

Are there shop hours? 

If you send a message or email over the weekend I will do my best to get back to you on Monday.

Do I need to provide a photo of the people I would like illustrated in the exact outfits I would like in the illustration?

Photos of the outfits are helpful, but aren't required. You can provide a typed description of what you would like for them to wear in the illustrations.


AS OF 2020...

I would like to work together, how do I book Chicks n Hens?

Review the 2020 schedule on this page. Choose a start date for your project (one for save the dates and one for invitations if you are purchasing both.) Purchase the design fee and *ADD A NOTE* on the cart page prior to checking out with your preferred start date, which will book your project for that date on my schedule. Typically, I only book ONE custom save the date or invitation per available start date.  Available dates are first come first serve, and are reserved with a design fee purchase ONLY. 

How are custom illustrations created?

Custom wedding illustrations are created by me, and begin as a sketch in my notebook. Your design will be created based on your submitted questionnaire containing all of your event details including your wedding flowers, colors, font requests, outfit details, location details, etc.

If I see a design you created for a previous client I would like to reuse for my wedding, can I purchase prints or digital files of that exact design (or only change the illustration of the couple)?

In short, NO. I take pride in creating one-of-a-kind designs for each couple for their special day. If you are in love with a previous design I have created we can work together to create something with a similar vibe, but each wedding design will remain custom and unique. Currently there are two location specific discounted wedding packages (Puerto Vallarta and Mackinac Island). Because I have worked with so many couples for weddings at these locations, I have a large library of previously created location specific illustrations. I am offering access to those illustrations for invitations, map cards, etc. while also offering custom illustrations on top of those, at a discounted rate. This means the design fee will be less, you'll get more, but the designs will still be custom. (Custom background on invite, custom couple portraits, custom pets, custom flowers, etc.)

How does the process for custom wedding illustrations work?

Initially, a design fee is purchased for the custom cards you would like. You will receive samples of your designs via email. You have the opportunity to make revisions to your design. After you approve your designs prints and/ or the digital files (if applicable) will be available for purchase.

Are the quoted times for custom invitations / designs guaranteed? 

The quoted timing for each phase of the design process (design, revision, and production) are ROUGH ESTIMATES based on previous projects. Timing does vary from client to client. I recommend placing your order as soon as possible, and allowing a little extra time for each phase in the design process. (Guaranteed delivery dates are available with rush orders only.)



Are there rush orders available? 

Rush orders are available in limited quantities (and spots fill quickly!). Adding a rush order fee is the only way to receive guaranteed delivery dates for custom wedding illustrations. If you are on a tight budget, but need your designs faster, I recommend being as specific as possible on your questionnaire to avoid revisions and going with digital files to print locally. Express shipping on prints is also always an option. Please let me know if you would like to upgrade to Express shipping, otherwise your package will ship Priority Mail automatically.

How are custom illustrations (and wedding invitations) priced?

Initially a design fee is purchased for the custom illustration. The design fee is a payment for the creation of your custom illustration, and also a placeholder for your project on my schedule. After you approve your design samples prints or the high resolution digital files (depending on the item you desire) are available for purchase. 


Can we chat over the phone or meet in person if I am local? 

I prefer to stick to email for correspondence, as it helps me keep a clear written record of all order details and design requests. Please feel free to email me at orders@chicksnhens.com.

Can you address my envelopes? 

Yes, there are several addressed envelope options available ranging from basic addressing in a coordinating font to colorful illustrated floral envelopes. Soon I'll be offering calligraphy on envelopes written by hand, as well. 

What are the discounted bundle options for custom invitations packages?  

+ Discounted 15% Off Bundle *Most Popular Cards* ($87 in savings!)

+ Destination Wedding Bundle ($200 in savings!)

+ Discounted "I WANT IT ALL!" Bundle ($400 in savings!) 

+ Discounted Puerto Vallarta Package ($76+ in savings!)

+ Discounted Mackinac Island Package ($76+ in savings!)



If I am ordering multiple items is there a discount?

Yes!  If you want to bundle several items but don't see the exact bundle listed as a discounted rate, please contact me to see if you are eligible for a discounted rate.


What kind of discounts do you offer, besides bundled discounts?

I offer 10% off printed invitations on orders above 150 prints. (Discount applies to the printing costs only.) I also offer 15% off design fees + printing or digital file fee costs to active members of the U.S. military (bride or groom). The military discount MUST be arranged prior to purchase, and does not apply to upgraded envelopes, rush orders, shipping, or address printing services. Offers cannot be combined with any other sales, discounts, or coupons. Only one discount valid per order. Additionally, I sometimes have sales and special discounts throughout the year which I typically post about on Instagram.


I am having a small wedding. Is there a print order minimum for my project?

To accommodate clients with a small guest list, the newest wedding invitation design format (folded format 2) will be available with a low print order minimum (15 printed invitations!). For standard invitations and folded (format 1) invitations there is a print order minimum of 50, which can be waived for a small order fee of $50. 


What if I need some time to gather information before I return the questionnaire?

You must return your completed questionnaire by your selected start date. If you do not return the questionnaire by the selected start date your project is subject to being "bumped" to the next available date or cancelled (without refund). If you find you will not be able to return your questionnaire by the selected start date, please contact me ASAP so we can set up an alternative start date (if possible). 

Can I request a certain font?

I will email you a list of popular fonts upon purchasing a design fee for custom wedding invitations. You are welcome to choose from those fonts, or any other font shown on my designs. If there is a certain font you would like for me to use, you can request the font by name, but I cannot guarantee I will have your particular font in my library. If you request a font I do not have, there will be a fee to purchase it or you can purchase the font and send me the files to use on your invitations.


Can I have my invitations written in a language other than English?

Yes. because these designs require additional time in design, text editing, and alignment there is a $25 setup fee for designs created in a language other than English. 


Do you offer digital files (also known as printable files) so I can print on my own?

Yes, I offer high resolution digital files for a fee, with the exception of folded invitations and custom envelope liners. Digital files are flattened JPEGs and PDFs meant for printing, keepsakes, or personal use only. 


I ordered digital files to print on my own (or locally) and I'm having trouble with printing. What can be done?

Digital files are a DIY option. Ordering digital files means you or your local print shop will be responsible for the entire printing process including printer settings, color matching, paper selection, document set up, and bleed requirements for the specific printer used, etc. Any of these items are beyond the services provided with digital file orders. I have spent years perfecting my printing process and paper selection to ensure prints from Chicks n Hens are perfect. If you have concerns about printing, paper quality, and / or the work involved with printing, cutting, and assembling your invitations on your own or through a third party I highly recommend ordering your prints from Chicks n Hens.


Can you work with my wedding (or event) planner, print shop, etc.? 

I am more than happy to work with your wedding or event planner. However, when digital files are purchased, coordinating and communicating with other print shops is beyond the scope of the services provided. Digital files are a DIY option. You will need to coordinate and work with whatever print shop you choose. 


How much is shipping for international wedding invitation orders?

Shipping for international wedding invitation orders starts at $40 USD. After your invitations are packaged and ready to ship, I can provide an exact quote on shipping, based on the exact weight of the package and the exact shipping address. At that time you can select a shipping method that best suits your timeline, such as Express shipping. Obviously, the slower the shipping method the cheaper the shipping costs. If shipping is more than $40 you will be invoiced for the difference. If shipping is less than $40 a refund will be sent through for the difference.


How are invitations from Chicks n Hens printed, cut, and assembled?

I personally handle every aspect of printing on one of my high-end professional printer in the Chicks n Hens studio. Printing in the Chicks n Hens studio allows me to have complete control over the color and quality of your prints. Print dimensions may vary slightly (by a smidge!), as each print is cut by hand. Remember, samples are available if you would like to see the print quality and feel the paper thickness before purchasing your prints! Also, remember colors can vary from computer to computer screen, and from the computer to the printer. 


How are printed invitations packaged and shipped?

Your invitations will arrive in a secure box, sealed in plastic bags, surrounded by packing paper.  Wedding invitations are always sent with tracking and insurance. All wedding invitation print orders over $300 will require a signature upon delivery. Please contact me if you would like to add or remove the signature requirement to your print order. (I highly recommend adding this service if you live in an apartment!) 


How will my invitations arrive?

Standard printed invitations arrive assembled and ready to be stuffed into envelopes. Folded invitations arrive scored and folded, also ready to be stuffed into invitations. RSVP envelopes are left out of the assembled stack, this allows you to add return postage and a return address to your RSVP envelopes prior to stuffing all of your main envelopes. 


What if I find an error on my invitations after they arrive? 

Oh no! I never want this to happen, and do my best to make sure every design is perfect. Once you approve your designs and pay for your prints, I begin the printing phase. Designs are printed exactly as they look when you approve them. Any errors (spelling, grammatical, or design errors) discovered after printing will mean that you need to pay for the printing costs again, even if the error was my fault. Be sure to proofread and look over your designs very carefully before approving your design. I recommend having a second person look them over carefully, also. Unfortunately, I cannot offer free re-prints or refunds for printed wedding invitations.


What if I am not satisfied with the colors, print or paper quality after I receive my printed invitation sets?

If you would like to feel the paper and see the print quality prior to placing your order for prints samples are always available for purchase. You can even purchase a sample of your exact invitation design before purchasing all of your prints, so there won't be any surprises! Please remember colors can vary from computer to computer screen, and from the computer to the printer. There are no refunds on prints, and free reprints will not be offered.

What if I have an issue with the print quality after receiving my prints?

Years have gone into perfecting my printing process. In the rare event that an issue arises with print quality please contact me via email immediately with photos of any print or cutting issues. I can ship replacement prints on a case by case issue. However, refunds will not be provided.



What if I order printed invitations, and realize at a later date I am short a few?

There is a minimum print order of 50 prints for wedding invitations. I highly recommend ordering more invitations than your guest count requires, as you may have last minute guests pop up or want to keep a few as a keepsake. Due to scheduling, availability for additional print orders is not guaranteed beyond the initial print order.


What if my wedding is cancelled and I no longer need invitations?

I hope this never happens! Design fees also act as a placeholder for your project on my very limited list of custom orders. Design fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable, even if you decide not to proceed with the design process for ANY reason. 


What  advice you would offer wedding clients?

Upgrade the envelopes from the free white envelopes and add custom liners if your budget allows. This is a relatively inexpensive way to make a huge statement on your invitations. Also, consider adding addressing services for your envelopes. This service will save you loads of time.

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