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For orders placed prior to January 2020, please scroll to the timing at the bottom of this page.

+ Design fees are non-refundable even if you decide not to proceed with the design process for ANY reason. (Think of the design fee as a payment for the time it takes to create your custom illustration, AND ALSO a placeholder for your project on my schedule.) 

+ If you have concerns about print colors, paper thickness, or quality – order a sample  prior to purchasing. 


Bookings + Rates


+ Unless a design fee is purchased, availability to work on your project is not guaranteed. (Even after a quote is provided, it is possible that my schedule will book.)

+ The only way to ensure we can work together on your project is by purchasing a design fee (and reserving a start date for wedding projects).


+ Rates are subject to change at any time, even after a quote is provided. The only way to lock in rates for custom illustrations + printing items is to purchase a design fee.



For orders placed in 2020...

+  All timing quotes are rough estimates based on previous projects - due to the extremely custom nature of each wedding illustrations, timing quotes can vary from project to project.

+ Refunds, partial refunds, free items, and cancellations will not be provided for a lengthier timeline than quoted, as all quotes are rough estimates.

+ Rush orders are available for purchase in limited quantities, when scheduling allows. Guaranteed delivery dates are provided with rush orders only. (See section on rush orders for more details.)

+ The only way to receive GUARANTEED DELIVERY DATES for your project is to purchase a rush order for a fee. Rush order fees are a separate, independent fee.

(START DATES for non-rush orders)

+ Start dates are first come first serve.

+ Depending on my workload, I typically only accept one wedding project per start date.

+ Please be sure you have looked at the available dates at the time of purchase, as the calendar is constantly updated based on bookings.

+ You must choose a start date at check-out by leaving a note, or emailing your selected available start date selection to orders@chicksnhens.com

+ If you do not select a start date at check-out, it is possible that additional bookings will take place after your order, and you will not receive a refund due to losing your preferred start date. (I recommend selecting your date ASAP!)

+ If you find your selected start date will no longer work for your project after purchase, another available start date can be selected within 7 days of purchase. In the event that there aren't start dates available that work for your project after purchase, refunds and cancellations will not be provided.

+ In the event that two clients would like to book the same start date within 12 hours, the first client to purchase a design fee and select the date (via a note or email) will receive the preferred start date. The second client can cancel their order if no other start dates work for their project, and this is the ONLY situation that a refund will be provided for a design fee.

+ In the event that you do not select a start date and all available start dates book, a refund will not be provided. Cancellations are not accepted.

+ You must return your completed questionnaire by the available start date you select for your project.

+ If you fail to return your completed questionnaire by your selected start date, your project is subject to cancellation without refund.

+ If custom save the dates and custom invitations are purchased 2 different start dates must be booked (one for each).


+ Guaranteed delivery dates are available with rush orders only.

+ Rush order spots are first come first serve, I cannot hold a spot until a rush order purchase is made.

+ I am unable to rush any portion of regular wedding orders without a rush order purchase. 

+ I am unable to provide faster timing than those quoted for the current rush order package you purchase. (Please do not purchase a rush order, and then request faster timing than quoted. The timing will follow the quoted package.)

+ The timing for each phase begins when you complete the following:
    Design Phase: submit completed questionnaire and photos via email
    Revisions Phase: return completed revisions form via email 
    Production Phase: approve design samples and purchase prints
* If you delay in any of these steps, the timing of your order will also be delayed.
* The quoted revision phase timing is meant for clients who keep within the limit for free design revisions. If additional or extensive design revisions are requested, timing will be delayed accordingly. If you are concerned about the revisions phase I recommend being as specific as possibly about your vision for your design on your questionnaire. (Often clients who have a clear vision for their invitations don't have any revisions and we completely skip that phase.)
*YOU MUST RETURN YOUR QUESTIONNAIRE BEGINNING YOUR RUSH ORDER WITHIN 7 DAYS FROM PURCHASE. (Failure to return the completed questionnaire may result in cancellation or delayed timing -without refund.)

*YOU MUST RETURN YOUR REVISIONS FORM WITH ANY REQUESTED CHANGES WITHIN 7 DAYS FROM RECEIVING SAMPLES. (Failure to request revisions may result in cancellation or delayed timing -without refund.)

*YOU MUST APPROVE YOUR SAMPLES AND PURCHASE PRINTS WITHIN 14 DAYS FROM RECEIVING YOUR INITIAL SAMPLES SAMPLES. (Failure to request revisions may result in cancellation or delayed timing -without refund.)

+ If you also purchase additional invitation cards (RSVP, Map / Reception Cards, etc.) those designs will also be rushed and sent along with your invitations.

+ Wedding day items (such as menus and programs) are not included in this rush order. Please contact me to schedule a rush order for wedding day items.


+ Chicks n Hens is not responsible for ANY errors (design, spelling, or grammatical) found on your designs after you approve your final samples. I do my best to ensure every design is perfect, but ultimately it is your responsibility to read over and approve your design samples for printing. (This applies to print orders AND digital file orders.) 
+ Please look over your designs carefully. I highly recommend having a second person also proofread your designs. 

+ Designs are printed exactly as they appear when you approve them. Any errors discovered after printing will mean that you need to pay for reprints, even if the error was my fault. 
+ Refunds will NOT be provided for errors.


+ Packages will automatically ship to the address associated your order.
+ In the event that you provide the wrong shipping address, refunds will not be provided for the lost package.
+ All packages from Chicks n Hens are sent with tracking and insurance (except samples).
+ All print orders over $300 will require a signature upon delivery. Please contact me prior to shipment to add or remove this service. 
+ I cannot personally guarantee estimated delivery dates provided by the USPS.
+ If your package is lost or damaged during shipment by the USPS I will file a claim with the USPS. The timeframe for the refund or resolution from the USPS is out of my hands beyond that point. In the event that a package is damaged, you must keep all original packaging for the USPS to review and you must contact me within 10 business days of delivery in order for me to file a claim.

+ Sometimes packages are delayed in customs. You will be responsible for any customs fees you may incur.
+ If you are in a hurry to receive your prints, I suggest going with digital files and printing locally.
+ Etsy recently added a "customs fee" of roughly $15 USD to some international orders. This fee does not go towards shipping, customs, or towards your order. To avoid this unnecessary fee I recommend shopping through my main site (www.chicks-n-hens.com). 

Prints and Digital Files
+ Please decide between prints or the digital files at the time your questionnaire is returned. Orders cannot be changed from print orders to digital file orders or vice versa after the questionnaire is submitted.

+ Samples are ALWAYS available if you would like to feel the paper and see the print quality before placing your full order for prints. 
+ Remember, colors can vary slightly from computer to computer, and from the computer to the printer.
+ Chicks n Hens is proud to be considered a "handmade" illustration & print shop. Print dimensions may vary slightly (by a smidge!), as Chicks n Hens prints are each lovingly cut by hand. 


+ I own the rights to my designs and illustrations. 
+ I reserve the right to display or use the custom design created for you on my main website, social media outlets, etc. I am happy to alter any personal information prior to sharing per your request (such as last names, etc.).
+ Final high-resolution digital files for weddings will be sent as flattened PDF and JPEG files meant for printing only. Editable / working / design files are never for sale. 
+ Please do not take portions of my designs or illustrations to reuse, alter, resell, or post anywhere without my written permission. These are MY designs, and are meant to be printed exactly as is.
+ Ordering digital files means you or your local print shop will be responsible for the entire printing process including printer settings, color matching, paper selection, document set up, and bleed requirements for the specific printer used, etc. Any of these items are beyond the services provided with digital file orders. 
+ You will need to coordinate and communicate with whatever print shop you choose. Communication between Chicks n Hens and a third party printer is not included with digital file orders. THIS IS A *DO IT YOURSELF* OPTION. 

Image Examples
*Sometimes photographs within listings and on my website contain upgrades and additional items not included in the design fee rate. (This can include, but is not limited to: addressed envelopes, vintage stamps, embellishments, props, upgraded designs and / or upgraded envelopes, more detailed illustrations, etc.) These items are meant to show previous projects, upgrade possibilities, illustration add-ons, as well as an example of finished invitations. Please READ the listing description on exactly what is included in the design fee rate. 


Pricing is subject to change. The only way to lock in the currently quoted rates is to purchase a design fee. 


Chicks n Hens is proud to be a small business with handmade products. With all handmade items, slight imperfections and variations can occur. Print sizes can vary (slightly), distressed wood signs are all "weathered" and distressing varies on each project, tumblers are also handmade and can have slight imperfections. With that being said, I never ship a product that I am not proud of. Contact me with any questions about processes and handmade items!

Decals + SVG Cutting Files


+ Decals are printed and cut for use on your tumblers (and more smooth surfaces!).

+ Waterslide decals have been finished with Acrylic Sealer, and vinyl decals are ready to peel and stick. (Vinyl decals are printed and cut with a bleed so they may look a little funny prior to peeling those- don't worry!)

+ I recommend using epoxy over all decals.

+ Do not wash decals (without cured epoxy over them), and do not microwave any decals EVER.

+ Please have knowledge of how to adhere vinyl and waterslide decals prior to purchasing. A brief instructions sheet will come with all decals, but beyond the instructions sheet support and independent consulting regarding adhering decals will not be provided from Chicks n Hens. I recommend also doing independent research and watching some tutorial videos prior to attempting to adhere decals.

+ Refunds will not be provided in the event that your decal is ruined during application.

+ Waterslide decals can be adjusted slightly while wet, during application. Vinyl decals cannot be adjusted at all once applied, and may also ruin your tumbler if you try to remove them after adhered. Chicks n Hens is not responsible for any ruined tumblers or objects the decals are adhered to.


+ Cricut and Silhouette digital files are downloadable zipped SVG, PDF, PNG, and JPEG files. Please have knowledge of how to utilize these files prior to purchasing, as technical support is not offered for these files.

+ Cricut and Silhouette digital files are for PERSONAL use only, and designs are copyrighted. 

Order Expiration

+ For non-wedding orders, I simply cannot hold a spot for your project indefinitely. For non-wedding illustrations return your questionnaire by the pre-order start date.

+ For non-pre-order illustrations (non-wedding) please return your questionnaire within 30 days to avoid order expiration.

+ Failure to select a start date via adding a note at check-out, or emailing selected available date to orders @chicksnhens.com within 14 calendar days of purchase will result in order expiration, and refunds will not be provided for projects that expire. 

+ Please be sure to select a start date for your wedding order at check-out, or via email at the time of purchase.

Contact me
If you have any issues with your order, please contact me through Etsy, this website, or by email (orders@chicksnhens.com). I want everyone to LOVE their final product from Chicks n Hens, and your opinion is important to me.



For orders placed in 2019...

+ For custom illustrations, the quoted timing for each phase of the design process are ROUGH ESTIMATES based on previous projects. Timing varies from client to client. I recommend placing your order as soon as possible, and allowing a little extra time for each phase in the design process, as each project is truly unique. 

+ Designs fees for custom illustrations are non-refundable, even if you do not read timing prior to purchasing and find the timing does not work for your project after purchasing. Read about wedding timing
here or contact me for a quote.

+ For non-wedding projects the rough timeline for your project should be listed in the item description on Etsy.
+ I am unable to rush any phase of your project without a rush order purchase (which are limited, and dependent on my schedule). 



+ Please keep in mind I operate my business M-F, and generally don't answer emails or Etsy messages over the weekend or on U.S. holidays. If you email me over the weekend I will do my best to get back to you on Monday.

+ Also please keep in mind I am a one person business, and my response times can sometimes be delayed during peak times in the wedding and holiday season. Your messages are important to me, and your patience is appreciated!


 + In order to maintain a schedule and plan for materials, I simply can't hold a spot for your project on my schedule indefinitely. In order to provide accurate timing quotes for all clients, please adhere to the following timing deadlines for each phase of your project:
+ For custom illustrations, please return your questionnaire within 60 days of purchase.

+ Please return your revisions form with any requested changes within 10 days of receiving your initial samples, and then additional revisions beyond the original requests within 5 days of receiving any updated samples. 
+ Please purchase prints or digital files (completing your order) within 30 days of receiving your initial design samples. 

+ If these deadlines are not met changes in the quoted timeline, delays, or in some cases cancellation is possible. 

+ Availability for additional print order requests beyond the initial order is not guaranteed. (Order more prints than you think you need!)

+ Your responsiveness to emails and returning required forms has a great impact on the schedule for your project.

+ The only way to receive GUARANTEED DELIVERY DATES for your custom project is to purchase a rush order for a fee. I accept a limited number of rush orders, and they are first come first serve. 
+ You must return your completed questionnaire for a rush order no later than 14 days from the purchase date. 

+ You must return your revisions form within 5 days of receiving your initial samples, and then additional revisions beyond the original requests within 2 days of receiving any updated samples. 

+ Please purchase prints or digital files (completing your order) within 14 days of receiving your initial design samples. 

+ If you do not meet these deadlines, you order will not be eligible for guaranteed rush order timing, and refunds for the rush order fee will not be provided. 

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